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What makes HS Business School unique?

We are results orientated

Managers who take part in our specially designed programs are guided to carry out significant workplace projects that demonstrate actual performance improvements.

We are specialists

We are specialists in management development and have a great deal of experience in working with clients in Australia and overseas. We continually research the latest management methodologies and incorporate them into our programs.

Quality learning materials

We pride ourselves in providing you with quality learning materials. In our courses we combine the benefits of online instruction with downloadable electronic resources to enable you to complete your studies at your own pace in your own environment.

Tutor support is also provided in the form of regular Webinars covering specific areas from the course you are studying. All course information is thoroughly examined to ensure the materials are relevant and easy to use and that course participants are able to obtain the most practical and 'best practice' information.

We employ state-of-the art online learning resources for all our qualifications.

Our Diploma of International Business, developed by academics and executives with global experience at the HS Business School, provides students with an understanding of the key concepts of international business in a global context. Students will acquire relevant analytical skills to examine the forces that shape the changing of international business environments and operations, at both the macroeconomic and organisation levels.